Andy Demi

Head Trader

Andy Demi is the Head Trader for London Trading Group, where he is managing a team of experienced traders as well as handling a multi-million pound portfolio. He is a BSc graduate of Economics, holds an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking, as well as attaining the professional Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Starting out in the industry in 2001, Andy Demi had the opportunity to immerse himself in the markets whilst working with institutions including JP Morgan, Schroders and Barclays Global Investors. He brings with him over a decade of professional trading experience in Equities, Futures and FX markets, as well as numerous years of experience mentoring and educating students and traders alike.

He is considered an expert in technical analysis as well as having a thorough grasp of macro factors influencing markets.

Viraj Patel

FX Trader / Technical analyst

Viraj graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA(Hons) in Accounting and Finance which sparked an initial interest into the financial markets, which has now become his passion.

Viraj undertook a level 5 diploma in Applied Financial Trading, after completing with distinction he was offered his first junior trading role at the LTX hedge fund, where his continuously improving trading skills, strict risk management and consistent profitability opened a role to trade whilst mentoring keen trading students at the London Academy of Trading.

Throughout his developing trading career, Viraj has traded both company and private funds, lectured various trading techniques and market analysis skills and mentored trainee traders, a number of whom have developed into successful traders.

Viraj has worked with and learnt from traders with a combined exposure of over 100 years in the financial markets. He possesses strong technical and fundamental analytical skills. Trading a self developed strategy using Fibonacci and Price action.

Henry Green

FX Trader / Fundamental analyst

Henry graduated from the University of Reading having completed a BSc in Real Estate. Throughout his University life he successfully traded his personal funds and always jumped at the chance to further develop his knowledge of the financial markets attending several seminars, exhibitions and lectures on a variety of different financial topics.

After discovering a keen interest in technical analysis and consistently producing positive monthly returns, Henry endeavours to continue his upward progression curve, expanding his knowledge and exceeding return expectations.

Henry is a keen triathlete and believes that a highly structured lifestyle is fundamental to his strong trading psychology, something he sees as paramount for consistently outperforming the markets.

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