How To Increase Returns and Protect Yourself Using Options 

Exclusive Free London Seminar.

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This seminar will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over the evening in the heart of London.  

This will be an engaging keynote course and panels from some of the brightest minds in the financial markets. The event is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through every vital point in options trading — from the basics of options, to having a strategy for all market conditions, to safeguarding yourself from risk.

Refreshments provided (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Friday, September 29th:

6:00pm: Registration and Refreshments 

7:00pm: How To Increase Returns and Protect Yourself Using Options by Alberto Pallotta 

8:30pm: Q & A + Networking

9:00pm: End of the Event

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Engage with experts in the industry who will enlighten you to the methods to trade more effectively.


Founder & Director 

London Trading Group

Andy Demi is the Head Trader for London Trading Group, where he is managing a team of experienced traders as well as handling a multi-million pound portfolio. He is a BSc graduate of Economics, holds an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking, as well as attaining the professional Investment Management Certificate (IMC). 

Starting out in the industry in 2001, Andy Demi had the opportunity to immerse himself in the markets whilst working with institutions including JP Morgan, Schroders and Barclays Global Investors. He brings with him over a decade of professional trading experience in Equities, Futures and FX markets, as well as numerous years of experience mentoring and educating students and traders alike. 

He is considered an expert in technical analysis as well as having a thorough grasp of macro factors influencing markets. 


Senior Algorithmic and Options Trader

London Trading Group

Alberto Pallotta is a senior options trader and senior algorithmic trader at the London Trading Group. He is a graduate of Engineering and holds a Masters in Financial Mathematics. Alberto also possesses a number of financial markets qualifications including a Certificate in Quantitative Finance from the Fitch Group and he has attained a certificate in quantitative methods. Alberto started his trading career in 2004, giving him an impressive 13-year track record with only a small amount of losses managing a portfolio consisting of stocks and various funds. He has also built mathematical models and quantitative strategies for hedge funds and prop houses across Europe, Switzerland and London. Currently Alberto trades utilising algorithmic trading techniques in the futures market and employs his strategies with options trading.


The London Trading Group has released a unique programme to help you break into the exciting world of options trading! At this event you can expect to learn how options traders make money regardless of what the market is doing. You will be introduced to options trading and how you can take advantage of opportunities other traders simply cannot. There is a myth that options trading is an incredibly complicated world that only the mathematically and technologically inclined can access. This is far from the truth as professional options trader, Alberto Pallotta will reveal. Successful financial institutions use options to improve their profitability and you will learn how you can join them. Do you like the idea of having ultimate control over how much money you can lose while your potential profits have no upper limit? Do you like the idea of making the same profits as successful traders with far less risk than they have? Then you’re on the right page: register and find out how!


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